Potty Mouth – Black and Studs (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Potty Mouth became one of the great breakout successes of last year on the backs of a few very well-received advance singles, EP’s, and (finally) their fantastic debut LP Hell Bent. There were moments of controversy that occasionally surrounded them but the band kept pushing forward, disregarding any obstacles in their way. Hell Bent became a conversation-starter in the ever-expanding cultural niche of the 90’s indie punk revival alongside Speedy Ortiz’s Major Arcana. While the latter record exploded under the watchful eye of an adoring public, Hell Bent was undeservedly swept to the side. It may have been a case of Potty Mouth’s basement punk aesthetics feeling more hard-won and lived-in than their like-minded kin.

This aesthetic remains firmly in place in the band’s new video for “Black and Studs”, one of Hell Bent‘s many highlights. “Black and Studs” is presented in crisp black-and-white by Faye Orlove, who also tackled the video’s graceful throwback animation sequences and visual effects. Apart from the graphic design visuals, the video’s central conceit revolves around the various band members getting ready in the morning and coming together by the end to play the song. It’s a simple idea with masterful execution and a perfect soundtrack to accompany it. Watch “Black and Studs” below.