Lemuria – Oahu, Hawaii (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Lemuria’s The Distance is so Big was one of 2013’s more intriguing records, playing up some of Lemuria’s more unique strengths. Those strengths, and that record’s playful curiosity, are amplified considerably by the music video the band just unveiled for the shape-shifting “Oahu, Hawaii”. In a small miracle of animation from Okay Video, the “Oahu, Hawaii” video centers around an ambiguous central figure’s canoe journey through different settings. Every time there’s a new passage that presents itself musically, a new one opens up visually as well. From wide-open skies to a jungle canvas to a flooded lobby, the video conjures up a palpable sense of mystery, exploration, and longing.

There are beautiful little touches throughout “Oahu, Hawaii” that most often appear in the form of surrealist imagery the central character encounters in the various environments that are passed through on this journey. When the song reaches its conclusion and the passage comes to an end, it leaves us with one of the more stunning music video images in recent memory; as night falls a starry sky seamlessly intersects with the clear water to the point where the two merge into something that approaches being downright spiritual. There’s a surprising ending of sorts but to discuss it here would only take away from its impact.

Watch the video for “Oahu, Hawaii” below and order The Distance is so Big from Bridge 9.