Adam Widener – Laughter on Your Heels I’ll Follow (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Adam Widener is most famous for once fronting the bands The Zygoteens and, more recently, Bare Wires. Both bands made a fairly big impression on their respective circuit, winning over a large following with relentless touring and consistently great discographies. Fortunately, Widener’s far from finished. A fact that’s proven on his most recent solo outing Vesuvio Nights. It’s a record full of basement punk gems that rival his best work during his time with both The Zygoteens and Bare Wires. One of the most impressive cuts from Vesuvio Nights was “Laughter on Your Heels I’ll Follow”, which has now been given a winsome visual-graphics-heavy music video. There’s a certain infectious joy to be found in both the song and its visual representation, with each presenting a relentless energy that’s impossible not to respond to. There are enough hooks (again, both musical and visual) to snag the interest of anyone that finds themselves in the vicinity of either the song or the music video and it all takes place in under two minutes. Watch “Laughter on Your Heels I’ll Follow” below and order Vesuvio Nights from Speakertree Records.