The Dead Weather Unleash Killer New Single

by Steven Spoerl

The Dead Weather have been quiet as of late, with their only noteworthy news being a singles series campaign plan. As of today, the plan has come to fruition and the band has released the very first single in the ongoing series (available exclusively via Third Man’s Vault subscription) which features lead-off single “Open Up (That’s Enough)” as the A-side and “Rough Detective” as the flip. While only subscribers get the full benefit of the physical release, “Open Up (That’s Enough)” has been posted to YouTube and is currently streaming… and it’s a killer.

“Open Up (That’s Enough)” may be the band’s most accurate distillation of the band members various projects that preceded The Dead Weather to date.  There’s a familiar organ that kicks things off that owes a clear debt to The Greenhornes, a dirty bluesy riff that drives the song worthy of Icky Thump, the start/stop dynamics that litter the best work of Queens of the Stone Age, and a vocal performance from Allison Mosshart that blows most of her work with The Kills out of the water. It’s a raggedy lo-fi blast that may stand as the group’s single best offering since they came into existence. This particular song is the first of many, each song eventually culminating in a 2015 record alongside some songs the band’s reserving specifically for the album. If each song that follows the extraordinary heights of “Open Up (That’s Enough)”, 2015 may have an unlikely Album of the Year contender on its hands.

Until 2015 rears its head, there’s still a year’s worth of singles to get through. It’s already hard to wait for the next one. Listen to “Open Up (That’s Enough)” below.