Tokyo Police Club – Argentina (Parts I, II, & III) (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Tokyo Police Club have had one of the more intriguing career paths of the mid-00’s buzz bands. After falling into the trap of releasing an incredible EP and then buckling under the pressure when it came to a follow-up, they’ve been making strange choices. Today, they’ve unveiled a simplistic lyric video for Argentina (Parts I, II, & III) that finds the band sounding better than they have since A Lesson in Crime.

Their edge from that EP is suddenly present again, only this time the pop sensibilities they’ve acquired and honed in the post-EP wake have manifested themselves into that edge. The end result is something genuinely stunning and could point to their upcoming LP being one of 2014’s biggest system shocks. There’s an expert blend of post-punk, powerpop, and indie rock on display here. All of it sounds unconventional, forward-thinking, and strangely new. It’s damn near perfect.

Listen to “Argentina (Parts I, II, & III) below.