Sunn O))) & Ulver Preview Upcoming Collaborative LP

by Steven Spoerl

Eternal Return(excerpt) cover art

This pairing is likely enough to bring a wealth of new music blogs like this one into existence. It’s the reason several more exist in the first place. When two critically acclaimed behemoths like SUNN O))) & Ulver team up for a record, the prospect of that record is not to be taken lightly. Both bands have maintained their status as two of the most interesting on the planet since their founding in 1992 (Ulver) and 1998 (Sunn), respectively.

Earlier this week they unveiled a three minute preview from Terrestrials and made it available on a bandcamp set up specifically for the collaboration. “Eternal Return” is the song the excerpt is taken from and is one of the three improvisational pieces that Terrestrials will be composed of. “Eternal Return”, or at least the preview of it, is a melancholy ambient piece that’s punctuated by piano, an erratic propulsive bass line, and hints of menace. Synthesizers appear unexpectedly as the preview trails off, leaving a distinct impression that Terrestrials may be one of next year’s most surprising records.

If the three minutes of “Eternal Return” that are previewed are any indication, Terrestrials is going to be a priority purchase. Are those three minutes worth the outlandish $100 price tag that currently accompanies the “Eternal Return” preview? Absolutely not. From the sounds of them, though, Terrestrials sounds like a million bucks so far.

Listen to the “Eternal Return” excerpt below and be sure to pick Terrestrials up when it’s released in February.