Saintseneca – Visions (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

One of the very first bands that this site covered was All Dogs, who have a member that also does time in Saintseneca. In 2014 Saintseneca will be releasing a record via Anti-, who the band recently signed with. Their lead-up campaign to the April release of this record has a lot of people salivating in anticipation. Their most recent entry in this campaign is a music video for “Visions”, a previously released song that also acted as a B-side to their “Uppercutter” 7″.

In the new clip, courtesy of the Zenga’s, the song’s set to a stunning home movie compilation that’s somewhat reminiscent of the recent nostalgic pangs Okkervil River’s been using as a focal point. “Visions”, despite its humble aesthetics, does offer some genuinely stunning imagery that somehow manages to fairly balance implicit and explicit thematics. Light, violence, and escape are all involved. While the pace is set at a dizzying clip, the music manages to both ground and heighten the visuals.

“Visions” acts as a welcome reminder, an improbable showcase for both the band and the directing team, and somehow manages to be more memorable than it has any right to be. Saintseneca’s clearly a band on the rise and, from the decisions they’ve been making lately (as well as Anti-‘s interest), it would be stunning if they weren’t coming up in year-end discussions and lists at this time next year.

Watch the video over at Stereogum, who premiered it.