Watch This: Vol. 3

by Steven Spoerl

Watch This was made a little bit easier this week, thanks to two music videos that also qualified as live performance. Those two videos, Vaadat Charigim’s “Kezef Al Hamayim” and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ “Higgs Boson Blues”, stood out as two of the best videos of the year. They weren’t the only live videos worth seeing this week, though. Razorcake, ever-dependable in its coverage, once again manages to crack this list and there’s another full set to round out the live videos. This week’s band you should already know is a Heartbreaking Bravery favorite and acts as a welcome first. Watch all five videos below.

1. METZ (3voor12 Session)

Anyone that has experienced METZ live knows what’s coming here; absolute frenzy. Earlier this year the band lit up the Krannert Arts Center in in Urbana, Illinois. Their energy during that performance, as a part of the Pygmalion music festival, isn’t a lightning-in-a-bottle type occurrence. Over the years 3voor12 have quietly and consistently posted fascinating sets, whether they be solo acoustic elevator endeavors or the full-throated exhilaration available for viewing below.

2. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Higgs Boson Blues

All that can be said about this has already been said on this site.

3. Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band – You Can Count on Me Tonight (Live at VLHS)

Nato Coles is an institution. Every band he’s been in from Modern Machines to Radio Faces to Used Kids to Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band has been outstanding. All played up a blue-collar classic rock sensibility. None have stressed it as much as his current act. Razorcake was on hand to film the band play a song on tour at the legendary VLHS venue. “You Can Count on Me Tonight” comes from one of the year’s most overlooked releases, Promises to Deliver, and the band’s not to be missed live.

4. Vaadat Charigim – Kezef Al Hamayim

All that can be said about this video has already been said on this site, pt. 2.

5. Technicolor Teeth – Station Wagon

Here’s some footage courtesy of Heartbreaking Bravery. Consider this the first indication that this site will offer live video content from time to time. Technicolor Teeth have grown a lot since their earliest days. However, “Station Wagon”, the very first song the band ever wrote, remains its finest moment. They’re a band that’s very much on the rise and it’d be surprising if their name didn’t start picking up even more circulation next year. This footage was taken from a semi-secret early show the band played with Shallows and Big Eyes. Enjoy.