Angel Olsen – Forgiven/Forgotten (Official Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Yesterday Angel Olsen continued a growing trend; the artist released a music video for “Forgiven/Forgotten” despite having already done so. While the first version was striking for its simplicity, this new version utilizes a muted color palette, simplistic special effects, and a retro feel to conjure up something completely new. “Forgiven/Forgotten” on its own still comes laced with more aggression than most would’ve expected from a primarily indie-folk artist. Now, the song matched with this visual aesthetic, Olsen presents herself as a single unit wrecking crew.

When “Forgiven/Forgotten” was circulating its first video, it was enough to get people excited about February’s Burn Your Fire for No Witness. With the additional video providing some potential context for Olsen’s vision this time around, it’s even easier to push the release up any “most-anticipated” lists. A two month wait has suddenly turned from manageable to excruciating. If Burn Your Fire For No Witness comes armed with this much clarity, precision, and outright force, 2014 may have an early Album of the Year contender on its hands.

Until the final reveal of the record, all that anyone can do is guess at what’s to come. “Forgiven/Forgotten” has already proved that’s a near impossibility. The John Congleton-produced Burn Your Fire for No Witness will be released stateside as a CD/LP on February 18 by Jagjaguwar. Pre-orders are currently available at both Jagjaguwar and iTunes. Watch the most recent clip for “Forgiven/Forgotten” below.