On the Up: Acid Fast

by Steven Spoerl

The amount of outstanding music that can be linked back to the Swearin’ collective is staggering. One of the reasons for this is Swearin’ drummer Jeff Bolt’s active involvement in the basement pop scene. Not only has he played drums for just about everyone that falls under that umbrella in Philadelphia, he runs Stupid Bag Records which primarily releases tapes and vinyl from his respective Philadelphia circle. Once in a while, though, Stupid Bag will have a release due to emotional investment in a certain band. Oakland, CA’s Acid Fast are one of these bands. It’s easy to see why; their Rabid Moon tape is one of 2013’s strongest highlights.

Acid Fast incorporates a similar aesthetic to Swearin’, only they utilize a different approach. While melodies are still in tact, the band ratchets up the pure aggression of their music. There are certain points on Rabid Moon that fall between the fiercest 90’s emo and the weirdest lo-fi indie punk of that era. Put bluntly, this band rips. Fortunately, for everyone, they’re positioned nicely for securing the recognition they deserve. Rabid Moon is currently available on cassette through Stupid Bag and follows an outstanding 2010 demo.

Keep both eyes peeled for all of the upcoming coverage the band should be getting and listen to a three-song sampler from Rabid Moon below.