Vadaat Charigim – Odisea (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Burger Records refuses to ease off the brakes this year and as a result, there’s never a shortage of material to write about. Hailing from Tel Aviv, Vadaat Charigim managed to raise more than a few eyebrows this year with their excellent record The World Is Well Lost. It’s a record that incorporates sprawling run times, plays up the melodic aspects of shoegaze that are generally buried, and feels genuinely complete. While the whole record is more than worthwhile, it does have a few clear standout moments. One of them, “Odisea”, now has a music video that’s full of the kind of signifiers that were readily apparent in the overlapping golden era of both shoegaze and no wave, right down to the cheap special effects and battered vintage aesthetic. Somehow, instead of feeling forced or slight it all seems to come from a very genuine place. Most importantly, Vaadat Charigim don’t come off as overly-enthusiastic revivalists- they come across as the band ready to carry a once-forgotten genre’s torch into the future.

Order The World Is Well Lost over at Burger and watch the flashback-inducing video for “Odisea” below.