Watch This: Vol. 1

by Steven Spoerl

Welcome to Watch This! A new series installment that takes a look at recent videos that mostly consist of bands performing live. All of these are worth a view or three. Look forward to five of these every Sunday. Four of these will be new and the final slot each week will be occupied by a band that deserves more exposure. Make sure to watch out for new installments every Sunday. Enjoy.

1. Midnight Reruns – Summer Smoker

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel invited one of Wisconsin’s best bands in for a live performance. This song alone serves as a good indication of just how good these guys are. Don’t sleep on this one.

2. Swearin’ – Dust in the Gold Sack

This is a stripped-down take for WNYC on one of the year’s outright best songs from one of the best bands going right now. Crutchfield’s voice is genuinely haunting throughout this duo performance and when Gilbride finally joins her for some falsetto work, it’s enough to freeze just about anyone.

3. The So So Glos – KEXP Session

The So So Glos are exactly what the pop-punk genre has been needing for years; a band that incorporates some believable grit. Their 2013 triumph, Blowoutpushed them to the levels of recognition they deserve. Naturally, KEXP invited them into their studios for a high-energy session that includes performances of a few songs from Blowout and a brief interview. The sessions stands out as one of KEXP’s best this year.

4. Nico Vega – Lightning

If nothing else, let this serve as an introduction to Jam in the Van. The series has some of the most consistently intriguing booking, featuring everyone from Nobunny to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Dive in and explore their archives.

5. PURPLE 7 – Poison Ivy

Today’s final slot belongs to PURPLE 7, who are based out of Bloomington, IN and feature members who were previously in Hot New Mexicans, Landlord, and Defiance, OH. “Poison Ivy” is a charming combination of each member’s respective styles and VOLUME 2, the record from which the song is taken, is well worth purchasing. Enjoy.