Florist – Shadow Bloom (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Florist have crafted a career out of sweetly meditative indie folk, allowing occasional bursts of energy to spike their material. “Shadow Bloom”, one of the band’s most recent tracks, finds the project drawing further inward and embracing their most restrained sensibilities, leaning into an arrangement that’s focused entirely on a fingerpicked acoustic pattern and Emily Sprague’s tender vocals. It’s a beautiful track that’s been an equally beautiful, and strangely moving, music video.

Directed and edited by Carley Solether and shot by Joanna Nguyen, “Shadow Bloom” follows Sprague around everyday life, fixating in on the quieter moments. Slicing food, writing, a stroll outside, elevating those moments to something that comes across as nearly sacred. It’s easy to become immersed in the imagery, tracing over each shot with the delicacy Sprague’s afforded the song. A gentle whisper of an offering, “Shadow Bloom” is Florist at its finest.

Watch “Shadow Bloom” below and pre-order Emily Alone from Double Double Whammy here.