Faux Ferocious – Drop Kick Heartache (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Every so often a song just kind of falls through the cracks when it comes to timing and coverage. With hundreds of songs being assessed every week, it’s not surprising when it happens. It’s only slightly more surprising when it’s a song that exists squarely in the crosshairs of this site’s typical coverage field. It’s exceedingly rare for that song to get a feature dedicated post after its original release window’s closed but Faux Ferocious‘ “Drop Kick Heartache”, released back in February, is an incredible explosion of insistent post-punk. There’s an irrepressible energy at play in the song’s simplicity and when the whole thing collapses into squalls of noise damage and sheer aggression, the effect is strangely liberating. All put into one compact package, it’s a song that demands exposure and shouldn’t be missed on any front.

Listen to “Drop Kick Heartache” below and pick up a copy of Pretty Groovy from Burger here.