Evening Standards – World’s End (Album Review, Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Last year, Evening Standards released their debut record, which was one of 2018’s best. The trio wasted no time in issuing a follow-up, releasing World’s End a little over a year after its predecessor. World’s End recaptures the spirit of their debut and finds the band knocking out another record of highly addictive mid-tempo basement pop. Coated in grit and laced with hooks, World’s End is a record that works as well for the party as it does the day after, providing just enough punch to cut through a wide array of moments.

There’s not a bad song to be found in the record, which again finds Chris Mott and Daun Fields harmonizing throughout close to the record’s entirety, creating an oddly spellbinding effect. Mott’s time in PURPLE 7 also clearly influences a lot of the material, with Evening Standards feeling like a galvanized next step rather than a tired rehashing. Everything that worked so well on their debut’s been ever so slightly tightened and continues to work to enjoyable effect on World’s End, which is well worth the listen.

Listen to World’s End below and pick up a copy here.