Dumb – Beef Hits (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Post-punk that’s scrappy and really pissed off has been a sweet spot for this site in the past and the present is no different. Dumb‘s “Beef Hits” is another entry in our coverage of that particular chapter of music and even among its contemporaries, “Beef Hits” stands out. As is the case with the genre’s best, there’s a snarl that accompanies its gait, gifting another level of venom to its central stuck-in-nowhere-and-fed-up narrative. When the saxophone solo comes in to blow everything to smithereens at the track’s close, the effect comes close to catharsis. Despite their name, Dumb’s a band that’s exceptionally smart when it comes to their craft and in “Beef Hits”, it shows.

Listen to “Beef Hits” below and pre-order Club Nites here.