Kielo – In Water (Music Video Premiere)

by Steven Spoerl


“My grandfather is a Lutheran preacher. I remember the first time I understood that this meant that Grandpa sounded, behaved, and even looked different in front of a congregation than he did with his family at the dinner table. ‘In Water’ is a song about identity construction. It’s about the way that we create, destruct, and recreate ourselves from minute to minute to fit our environment.”

In a lot of press releases, the given quotes are airy, pretentious, or designed to subvert expectations (or realities). The above quote proves to be deeply important to understanding the first glimpse into the world of Good Night Gold Dust‘s bandleader Laura Schultz’s new solo project, Kielo. The subdued, ambient, and slightly unsettling clip for Kielo’s “In Water” touches directly on the themes of identity construction, deconstruction, re-construction, and the way those are shaped by environment in startlingly direct ways.

Utilizing landscape shots, superimposed imagery, grainy aesthetics, projections, and a series of low-grade effects, the team responsible for the creation of “In Water” — which includes Schultz’s Good Night Gold Dust bandmate Colin Scharf and art director Katie O’Connor) conjures up an elegant, hazy, atmosphere with an immediately recognizable line to the upper Midwest’s wintry sensibilities. Even in small ways, the clip’s an unapologetic mirror of the song’s thesis.

Packaged all together, “In Water” transcends its humble components to become something that’s not only memorable but surprisingly moving. Schultz’s vocals and the ambient textures that shape “In Water” are a breathtaking pairing, rendering the track a stunning introduction to what’s promising to be a very worthwhile project. If the rest of Kielo’s work can measure up to “In Water”, Schultz may just have a shot at securing national attention. Don’t make the mistake of missing out.

Watch “In Water” below and keep an eye on this site for more news on Kielo.