Monomyth – Puppet Creek (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Every so often a band comes along and quietly subverts genre tropes and winds up producing something that’s both comforting in its familiarity and tantalizing in its difference. Enter: Monomyth. The band’s landed on a formula that siphons out the very best of indie pop, chillwave, and slacker punk and churns it into a cohesive whole. Their latest single, “Puppet Creek”, is a perfect example of this approach. Light in tone and substantial in content, “Puppet Creek” is a work that sounds as grounded as any veteran band while being suffused with a wide-eyed sensibility of a band that’s only just found its place.

It’s an inspired — and oddly inspiring — listen that sets the bar extraordinarily high for the band’s forthcoming Happy Pop Family, which should have the type of wide-ranging appeal to secure the band critical and commercial success. Until we find out sure, it’s best just to leave “Puppet Creek” on repeat.

Listen to “Puppet Creek” below and pre-order Happy Pop Family here.