Jay Som – I Think You’re Alright (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Summer Cannibals, Man Up, Yancey, Brenda’s Friend, Kino Kimino, NettlePost Moves, and Old Maybe all had notable full streams surface over the past few days. While all of those titles are worth the investment, the attention’s going to — once again — be directed back to a song. Jay Som’s set to make a big push as the opener for an upcoming tour that also features Japanese Breakfast and Mitski, so “I Think You’re Alright” functions nicely as an anticipatory warning shot.

The thing is, “I Think You’re Alright” is so much more than just a warning shot; no song has reminded me more of Sparklehorse since Linkous’ tragic passing (and that’s an obscenely high compliment). “I Think You’re Alright” is the kind of chill-inducing bedroom pop that comes coated with the slightest layer of punk grit to keep it tethered to the earth, affording the song a relatable feeling that enhances its most wide-eyed sensibilities.

In under four minutes, “I Think You’re Alright” runs seamlessly through a variety of genre touch points, from the steady, programmed drum beat to the swirling feedback at the song’s most climactic moment. None of its misplaced, each small moment registering as a revelation. Everything in “I Think You’re Alright” coalesces into these moments of sublime transcendence that arrive at an alarming rate; it’s an astonishing song that’s comprised almost entirely of grace notes.

Importantly, everything on display sounds open and honest, amplifying the song’s inherently tragic nature. Uncompromising and singularly beautiful, “I Think You’re Alright” confidently stands as one of 2016’s most unforgettable releases. Boasting a strangely comforting melody that calmly builds a home and refuses to leave, the song ultimately carries an atmosphere that’s as inviting as it is melancholic. It’s an invitation that’s worth accepting.

Listen to “I Think You’re Alright” below and pre-order the single here.