Ronnie Stone & The Lonely Riders – <3 Race. Cold Sweat. Nu Dance. Do It. (Glassio Remix Premiere)

by Steven Spoerl


Over the past several months, I’ve been fortunate enough to find myself immersed in the gloriously demented world of Ronnie Stone & The Lonely Riders. I’ve worshiped at the altar of El Commando, donned all black, and danced in His honor. As the band’s pressed on, I’ve seen the ensuing madness first hand and occasionally wondered if anyone would be bold enough to attempt an intimidating undertaking and remix one of the songs from the massively celebrated Motorcycle Yearbook. Enter: Glassio.

A Brooklyn-based duo (comprised of Charles Pinel and Sam Rad) who have been building legions of buzz thanks to an impressive string of laid-back uploads to their soundcloud, they seemed like a natural fit to reshape the warped funk of Motorcyle Yearbook and they’ve turned their attention to album standout “<3 Race. Cold Sweat. Nu Dance. Do It.”. By extracting key samples and looping them into a momentum-building surge, Glassio pulls off the unthinkable and actually enhances the song’s vibrancy.

Ghostly vocals and the song’s signature riff are integrated into the bands re-imagining of “<3 Race. Cold Sweat. Nu Dance. Do It.” so seamlessly that it threatens the original’s status as the definitive version of the song. By the time it winds to a close, it’s abundantly clear that the Glassio-Ronnie Stone marriage has yielded formidable dividends. If this is a one-off, it’s memorable and if the two acts ever wind up working their way to a reunion, that event will be worth greeting with no shortage of anticipation.

Listen to Glassio’s remix of “<3 Race. Cold Sweat. Nu Dance. Do It.” below, keep up with Glassio here, and make sure to get to Black Flamingo on Friday to catch the duo in action.