Phooey! – Molly’s at the Laundromat (Song Premiere)

by Steven Spoerl


Every once in a very rare while, a fascinating artist lands in my inbox. I’ve had the distinct fortune of finding out about some of my favorite music through unassuming emails, which is why I’ll always do my best to take at least a brief glance at everything that comes my way. Phooey! is a Ukraine-based project spearheaded by Nikita Ogurtsov, which came to my attention more than a year ago. Since our initial email exchanges, Phooey! has maintained a maniacal release schedule and is now preparing the release of Virgin Blues, the project’s third release of this year and 16th overall. After the fiery 7 Songs and the more experimental Songs for My Little Brother, the project’s taking the logical next step and marrying the strongest aspects of those releases.  

“Molly’s at the Laundromat” is the first song to be unveiled from Virgin Blues and it easily ranks among the year’s most thrilling songs. Opening with a cascade of instrumentation that’s vaguely reminiscent of Beirut at their most playful, “Molly’s at the Laundromat” quickly shifts gears and erupts into a volcanic basement pop gut-punch. Over the course of its galvanizing two minutes, the song surges back between those two points before settling on a happy middle ground which then– almost immediately– gives way to a section where the rug’s pulled out from underneath and drops the song into a gorgeous outro run.

There are more ideas successfully packed into “Molly’s at the Laundromat” than most acts can manage over the course of their first few records. Urgent songwriting at its absolute finest, it’s a track that fills the usual void between immediacy, accessibility, and substance with an astounding amount of grace. Easily a high watermark for Ogurtsov (who recorded the entire thing on his lonesome), “Molly’s at the Laundromat” is an extremely tantalizing look at not just Virgin Blues but the project’s promising future.

Listen to “Molly’s at the Laundromat” below and keep an eye on this site for more updates on Phooey! and Virgin Blues, which is set to be released on cassette in Russia via Garage Karma Store Records.