Pile – Mr. Fish (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Continuing in on the 2015 catch-up overhaul, it’s time attention was turned to what’s vying to be Pile’s breakthrough effort, You’re Better Than This. While the record’s full of characteristically strong songs (the rollicking “#2 Hit Single” among them) it’s the record’s second track that’s the true standout: “Mr. Fish”. Operating as an oddly-placed centerpiece of sorts, “Mr. Fish” operates in a similar kind of vein as Pile’s career masterpiece, Special Snowflakes. Utilizing a remarkably compelling off-kilter ebb and flow dynamic, “Mr. Fish” winds up being one of the most indicative songs of how the band functions live in their discography to date. Importantly, every left-field turn that the song brings about sounds like its retained the emotional drive of their earlier work without being overshadowed by their growing mastery of composition. It’s that surprisingly difficult balancing act that adds an extra layer of tension to the proceedings, all but ensuring any prospective listeners (and their will likely be a lot of prospective listeners) rapt attention. You’re Better Than This is already well on its way to securing the band a much larger audience and its songs like “Mr. Fish” that will convert the uninitiated into devotees.

Listen to “Mr. Fish” below and pre-order You’re Better Than This from the band’s bandcamp.