Mikal Cronin – Made My Mind Up (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Now that the smoke’s cleared and the dust has settled a month and a half into 2015, it’s time to start covering the gems that have been unearthed since 2014 came to a close. And where better to start than with something as winsome and as hopeful as Mikal Cronin‘s extraordinary “Made My Mind Up”? Cronin’s last record, MCII, was one for the ages (and has become a permanent summer rotation staple). For his follow-up, the enviably gifted songwriter’s kept its predecessors innumerable charms burning and seems to be running headlong towards what promises to be an unforgettable fire. Cronin’s long had a grasp on dynamics that separates him for nearly everyone else operating in his field- and that trait’s brought to the fore of the heartrending sincerity of “Made My Mind Up”. Guitar riffs interlope with characteristically gorgeous piano figures and a bittersweet melody floats above it all, only cutting the music off at the head while imploring “just tell me where it hurts”. It’s been nearly a month since “Made My Mind Up” saw an initial unveiling but its kept MCIII at the absolute peak of an ever-expanding “Most Anticipated Album of 2015” long list. If this turns out to be a warning shot not just for Cronin, but for what the rest of this year has to offer, we’re all in for something truly memorable.

Hear “Made My Mind Up” below and pre-order MCIII from Merge here ahead of its May 5 release.