Chandos – Cobra Points (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Carpark Records seem to have made a habit out of releasing extraordinary albums towards the start of the year. Cloud Nothings’ classic Attack On Memory and Popstrangers’ dazzling Antipodes were both released in either January or February and both of them found their way into a healthy handful of year-end lists. Chandos has a shot at repeating that trend with their antagonistically titled Rats In Your Bed when it finally arrives on January 27. Chandos (who used to go by the name Chandeliers) already unveiled the visceral “..Pretty Sure It’s ‘Tang Top’” about a month back and they’re following it with the equally raw “Cobra Points” in the run-up to the record’s release.

Expertly fusing post-hardcore, 90’s emo, and post-punk into a sound that seems to be constantly on the verge of catharsis, Chandos have managed to create something that hits with force and meaning in “Cobra Points”. Furiously frenetic and unwaveringly aggressive, it sounds like it’s constantly on the verge of collapse without ever giving out. There’s a very subtle math influence that seems more obvious when considering the song’s hairpin turns and terrifying precision. Vocals are barked out, the drumkit’s brutalized, and the guitars become nothing short of weaponry throughout the two and a half minute runtime of “Cobra Points”. Everything culminates in an ending that takes a stunning sharp left and is more than enough to raise the stakes on the anticipation level that Rats In Your Bed deserves.

Listen to “Cobra Points” below and pre-order Rats In Your Bed from Carpark here.