Band Practice – Theme Song (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Apologies for the delay in new content; my laptop was declared a “triple fire hazard” and is currently out of commission. Opportunities to post have been few and far between but everything that was released in the absence of new posts has been collected and will be posted whenever possible, starting tonight.]

It’s only been a few weeks since Band Practice‘s relentlessly gorgeous (and inexplicably moving) indie pop masterpiece “Bartending at Silent Barn” fought its way into the world. Now, Jeanette Wall’s project has returned with something just as unexpectedly triumphant as its predecessor: the boldly titled “Theme Song”. While the subtlety of “Bartending at Silent Barn” remains in tact, there’s a new forcefulness that permeates throughout the song, allowing Band Practice to occupy surprisingly fierce territory with ease. Wall’s breezy vocals and delightful melody lines still lend Band Practice’s songs a staggering amount of personality and that’s part of what makes the forthcoming Make Nice such a brilliant record. That Wall’s a formidable lyricist with a keen, detail-oriented eye for life’s more mundane moment elevates it into the realm of a low-key classic. Between “Bartending at Silent Barn” and “Theme Song” alone, Make Nice should be expected to stand as one of 2014’s last truly great albums.

“Theme Song” is a track that builds as it goes, not too far separated from the structures that defined La Sera’s excellent Hour of the Dawn. It’s a song that charges forward with no regard for anything that dares to stand in its way. Incendiary guitar riffs cascade out of nowhere during the chorus and post-chorus sections then morph into vicious shards for the verses. Wall’s never sounded more determined and her co-conspirator Ben Bondy (also of the excellent Friendless Bummer and Cult Of The Crying Moon) has rarely sounded as downright inspired. Somehow, despite the levels of compositional aggression on display in “Theme Song”, the band’s predominantly sunny disposition never gets diminished. Band Practice are making exactly the kind of music they want to make and one can only hope Make Nice gets circulated enough to ensure that just about everyone hears the extraordinary things the duo’s achieved with their first outing. Expect to see it towards the top of this site’s “Best Albums of 2014” list and pick it up when Chill Mega Chill releases it on December 9.

Listen to “Theme Song” below and keep an eye on this site for more Band Practice coverage.