Alex G – Soaker (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Everything tends to fall into an eerie quiet as the holidays approach, leaving very few items for coverage. Fortunately, there are a few that always manage to slip through the cracks. Today those came in the forms of The Cabana Kids’ subtly hypnotic “Sortida“, Perfect Future’s searing Manifesto, and a characteristically outstanding song from Alex G– “Soaker”. Originally intended as a possible cut for DSU, “Soaker” is yet another undeniably charismatic micro-pop song laced with faint but distinct punk-leaning undertones. It’s only made up of a few lines, an entrancing guitar progression, and hauntingly layered vocals. Lyrics take the forefront and center around the frustration that accompanies the longing for someone who fails to reciprocate the desire to forge a meaningful connection. Poignant and terrifyingly relatable, the autumnal “Soaker” is a microcosm of Alex G and hits with an appropriately vicious impact without exceeding the 100 second mark, resulting in something that borders on perfection.

Listen to “Soaker” below and grab a copy of DSU from Orchid Tapes here.