Cancers – Moral Net (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Cancers is a new duo project between two seasoned members of the DIY scene: Ella Kaspar and Lenny Miller. Originally conceived as a means of getting artistic freedom, the songs they’ve been unveiling so far have done nothing short of completely justifying their decision. Furthering their newfound artistic freedom, the duo’s chosen to release their upcoming full-length Fatten the Leeches via Kandy Kane Records, which they founded. Additionally, punk mainstays Dead Broke Rekerds will be lending a helping hand for the record’s cassette/vinyl release and distribution of Fatten the Leeches after being understandably taken with the material on display.

In advance of Fatten the Leeches, the band’s offered up two songs to stream; “Be Cool” and “Moral Net”. Both have been floating around for a while but recently received another push thanks to the record’s impending release date- which offers a perfect opportunity to seize something that previously managed to slip by this site’s radar. While “Be Cool” is undoubtedly a strong track, it’s “Moral Net” where the anticipation level for Fatten the Leeches gets kicked up a few levels. Spiky grunge-leaning shoegaze-centric guitars prop up Kaspar’s voice, which is brought out considerably in the mix. “Moral Net” swirls and slashes with the best of them and seems to be a relatively close cousin to Bleeding Rainbow. A variety of 80’s & 90’s influence permeate throughout the song’s brief runtime, supplying it with a feeling of subtle nostalgia despite the fact that, when it all comes together, it feels appropriately of the moment. It’s over before it should be and warrants a few consecutive listens. Don’t sleep on this band- or on this record.

Listen to “Moral Net” below and keep an eye out for its September 16 release date.