Terry Malts – Let You In (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Terry Malts’ 2012 record, Killing Time, was one of that year’s best. The trio’s follow-up effort Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, while a solid outing, struggled to reach the peaks of its predecessor. It looks like the former Magic Bullets members’ new project has finally found its stride. Yesterday, the hardcore-indebted basement punk band released “Let You In”, the first look at their upcoming Insides 7″ (due out via Slumberland in September). “Let You In” is a typically short blast, clocking in at roughly 100 seconds- all made up of sneering post-punk, dressed in the band’s signature no-wave aesthetics. Bassist/vocalist Phil Benson’s drawl washes over the chaos unleashed beneath it; a supercharged rhythm section collides with what might be guitarist Corey Cunningham’s finest work for the band to date. Setting this apart from the rest of their catalog, though, is a newfound emphasis on pop stylings (there may be an omnichord subtly featured throughout the song), which wind up playing to the band’s strengths much better than expected. Like Cloud Nothings earlier this year, Terry Malts seem to have found an impossibly delicate balance where they’re occupying the rarest of areas; this is the band at their poppiest- and their most aggressive. By the time it’s all come to a close, it stands out as a hard-hitting jolt of adrenaline that feels as necessary as it feels alive.

Listen to “Let You In” below and pick up Insides as soon as it’s available.