Iceage – The Lord’s Favorite (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl


There was a seemingly never-ending flood of great music that was released while this site’s attention was solely devoted to festival coverage. While Cymbal Eat Guitar’s hard-charging “Warning” and LVL UP’s career best “Soft Power” were both given their proper due earlier today, it just wouldn’t be right to not mention Iceage’s absolutely insane “The Lord’s Favorite”. One of the more severe hard lefts for a band with an established sound in recent memory, “The Lord’s Favorite” not only saw the unrelentingly bleak Copenhagen quintet firmly plant their feet in the wide-open expanse of the country-punk genre- they released it with an absolutely insane music video that looks like a champagne-drunk Nicolas Wending Refn update of Midnight Cowboy (and if that’s not enough to sell this thing, nothing is).

This write-up has to stop here or it’ll go on for far too long because there’s too much to say (and too much to spoil), so the video’s been provided below. Watch it, be entranced by it, and then hum that monster of a chorus into 2015.