Mr. Dream – Cheap Heat (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Mr. Dream - Cheap Heat - Ultimate In Luxury - GODMODE - 2014

There have been days that have been vacuums, tornadoes of loneliness and unrepentant angst, where all that’s needed for correction is a shot to the face. Enter: Mr. Dream and their new single, “Cheap Heat”. Mr. Dream have been making some waves recently and it’s not difficult to imagine those being a direct result of the maelstrom the band’s music conjures so readily conjures up. “Cheap Heat” is one of the byproducts of their force-of-nature approach; all blitzkrieg and no safety; velocity set to approach terminal levels. It’s a headfirst dive into the frenzy, with rapid-fire riffs and energetic vocals cascading off of each other like objects swept up in a tornado. By the time it’s over, it’s as if another world had interrupted the one that had existed so calmly in the before and after. After all that destruction, the quiet starts to signify a menacing sense of meaningless, the chaos takes the shape of purpose- and the only thing left to do is hit repeat. Hear “Cheap Heat” below and hold onto any valuables.