Fucked Up – Paper the House (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

There are very few bands with discography’s as deep as Fucked Up’s with so few LP’s. For a while, especially towards the beginning of the band’s career, they produced a ceaseless onslaught of 7″ and 10″ releases, while never offering up more than an EP. When their first LP finally did come along, it sent some shockwaves through a broadening audience. Fast forward from that moment to today and nearly all of their full-lengths can be considered classics. After all, it takes something special for a band flirting with so many hardcore tendencies to take home the Polaris Prize (here’s looking at you, The Chemistry of Common Life). Now, three years after their massive, blistering rock opera David Comes to Life, the band have set their sights on their newest LP: Glass Boys.

For a long while Glass Boys was shrouded in mystery, with the band taking some time to rest before emerging full-force just a few short months ago. Then, as is often the case with Fucked Up, everything seemed to hit at once: the announcement of the Year of the Dragon 10″, a revealing interview with Stereogum, the 285 Kent adieu, the Glass Boys reveal artwork above), and the stream of the accompanying lead-off single- along with its music video. While the recorded version of “Year of the Dragon” has yet to be heard, both “Paper the House” and its video prove to be quite gripping.

“Paper the House” the song is one of the most melodic pieces the band’s wrung out of their tenacity yet, containing a lead guitar line that’d fit comfortably in just about any 90’s slacker pop song. There’s a catchy-as-hell chorus, a vocal part that showcases Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham’s deceptive range (as well as what seem to be his most personal lyrics to date), and a fittingly forceful rhythm section that keeps the song as propulsive as possible. The accompanying video is artfully directed and unfailingly minimal- a beautifully-shot and artfully directed black-and-white performance clip video. It’s a necessary reminder of how straightforward this band can be without losing any of its power and its a tantalizing glimpse at what could be one of the years most important records. Watch it below.