Bleeding Rainbow – Images (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Bleeding Rainbow keep adding onto what’s already one of the year’s more impressive lead-up campaigns for their upcoming Kanine debut, Interrupt. A trio of tracks from the record have already been released into the world and “Images” is now the second to get a music video (“So You Know” was the first). “Images”, like “Paper the House“, is another performance clip video- only this is a much more involved variant. That the band decides to emphasize their visuals for “Images” isn’t surprising considering the title- what is surprising is how well the video suits the song. There’s a definite sense of unease that permeates a lot of Bleeding Rainbow’s work (something that seems to get amplified in accordance with how frenetic they get) but paired with color-tinted hallucinatory visuals, that unease quickly elevates to a focal point. All of the overlays, superimposed moving one shots, and sly delays combine to make “Images” a surprisingly memorable experience. Watch it below and give in to its tricks; it’s one hell of a ride.