Watch This: Vol. 10

by Steven Spoerl

As the new year starts to find its footing, new material starts to continuously roll out. This week was one of the first indicators that the year-to-year turnaround lull is coming to a close, if not already over. For the first time in over a month there was actually an excess of material and the clips had to be cut down to the standard five. From KEXP to the storied stage of Schubas, here’s the (admittedly eccentric) tenth installment of Watch This. Enjoy.

PAWS (KEXP Session)

PAWS’ Cokefloat! was one of the best records 2012 had to offer. An absolute sugar-rush of manic basement punk from New Zealand, the record’s represented well here. KEXP presents it all in their characteristically outstanding fashion and manages to remind everyone that this band is far from finished.  

Mac DeMarco – Treat Her Better (La Blogotheque)

Mac Demarco, everyone’s favorite sleazeball, recently made a stop at the Sundance Film Festival to perform one of the new tracks from his upcoming record Salad Days. It’s exactly as goofy and earnest as it sounds. It’s also an absolute pleasure to watch.

Moonface – Julia With Blue Jeans On (Live at St Pancras Old Church)

Heartbreaking Bravery’s debt to Moonface has already been covered in previous Watch This installments. Simply put; without Spencer Krug this site likely never comes into existence, at least not with this title. There are very few artists operating on an artistic level as high as Krug and the exploration of his most recent solo venture in live performance videos has been one of the more consistently rewarding video projects of late. 

Porches. – Xanny Bar (Out of Town Films)

Porches. just can’t seem to miss their mark these days. Every new instance of material from the band has been worth sharing with anyone who will listen. Bolstered by great performances on both ends of the loud/quiet spectrum, expect to hear a lot more about this band in 2014. Start here with this transfixing version of “Xanny Bar”.

Perfect Pussy (Live at Schubas Tavern)

This particular selection, given recent events, was always going to have a spot in Volume 10. A sincere thanks to whoever the brave soul was that shot this.