The Flaming Lips’ 1983 2nd Cassette Demo (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

An early version of the Flaming Lips, subject of "The Fearless Freaks."

There are certain times when things converge unexpectedly that are worth celebrating; The Flaming Lips streaming one of their earliest releases is one such occasion. Only days after making their Christmas on Mars film available for YouTube streaming, the band have taken to that medium once more to offer up their 2nd Cassette Demo from their 1983 punk heydays. While familiar with that era of the band’s material, the free streams served as a strong reminder of things like personal growth, cassette investment, and being introduced to entire worlds of new music (early 80’s Flaming Lips included) courtesy of Tenement and their dearly-missed house venue, The BFG.

2nd Cassette Demo has been conveniently split into the A and B sides, respectively, for streaming purposes. Both sides provide a decent kick and highlight The Flaming Lips’ roots. Once these recordings have become familiar, it may be a little bit easier to hear how the band got to where they are today. Until then, enjoy this 15 minute blast of dirty lo-fi punk. Information in regards to a physical release for some of the earliest Flaming Lips releases, as a celebration of their 30th anniversary, can be found here and here. Stream 2nd Cassette Demo below.