Yuck – Somewhere (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Despite only being a few years into their run, Yuck have already stared down their fair share of difficulties. Most notably, one of the band’s frontmen (Daniel Blumberg) left prior to the recording of their highly-anticipated sophomore record to focus on his Hebronix project. With that important departure, many had some very serious doubts about what that sophomore effort would sound like. Then, when Glow and Behold finally arrived, it lit off one of the more impassioned firestorms of opinion battles 2013 had to offer.

Now that all the dust has finally settled, admirers and detractors alike both seem to agree on one thing; Glow and Behold, at the very least, is an important transitional record. That transition is underscored very gracefully with the band’s black-and-white clip for “Somewhere”, a poppy shoegaze slow-burner off that last record. The vast majority of “Somewhere” takes place inside an airport, never featuring any of the band’s members, just shadowy unidentifiable figures. Towards the end, the terminal is abandoned for the sky as the plane leaves the stability of solid ground behind. It’s all very understated, managing to draw obvious parallels without coming across as too on-the-nose. A very enjoyable way to spend six minutes.

Watch “Somewhere” below.