Lofi Legs – Lifesucker (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Editor’s Note: This post is one of several that were scheduled to go live several months ago but never went through. Rather than let these posts die an undignified death, they appear today in their original, unaltered forms. 

“Lifesucker” starts off in a way that mirrors countless indie pop songs that have come before it and undoubtedly will continue to start after the song’s release. There’s nothing wrong or overly consequential with adhering to a loved formula but, in this case, the familiarity acts as a rug- and that rug gets pulled before too long. A clever guitar riff and an interlocking bass line dance with each other, while a shuffling snare pushes the song’s momentum forward. Some bells add a splash of color and before long, the indie pop sensibility gets morphed into post-punk. And then the chorus hits.

A gloriously unexpected, woozy, towering, psych-inflected burst of kaleidoscopic melody all but consumes “Lifesucker”, breathing further strength into both its verse sections and the song as a whole. Surprisingly thrilling, that screwball section takes a strong track and turns it into something that’s not just great but something that’s memorable. Perfect for summer and fully equipped to hold up on many, many repeat visits “Lifesucker” is a miraculous track that’ll hopefully carve out some more recognition for Lofi Legs, who are flexing the kind of ambition that leads to longevity.

Listen to “Lifesucker” below and download it here.