Truth Club – Not An Exit (Album Review, Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Following a handful of exhilarating singles, Truth Club make good on those songs’ early promise with the riveting Not An Exit, a warped thrill ride of damaged slacker pop. Not An Exit offers the listener an easy in with the slow-building “I Know There Is” that echoes shades of acts like Pavement, Guided By Voices, Pixies, and their contemporaries, cascading vocal overlays over a steady rhythm pattern. “Student Housing” picks up the pace and the band never looks back from that point, trading psych-punk and post-punk flourishes with ease.

Not An Exit casts a weird, enveloping spell that’s extraordinarily difficult to break (or want to break in the first place). It’s a complete work from a young band brimming with energy and ideas, flashing enough confidence and conviction to corral their strangest impulses into something that doesn’t just feel coherent but whole. A giddy trip worth taking, Truth Club have firmly established themselves as one of today’s more exciting new bands with the potency of what they’ve achieved on Not An Exit. It’s a worthy listen and, true to its title, there’s never a good stopping point. There are far worse things to leave on repeat.
Listen to Not An Exit below and pick it up here.