Tony Molina – Not The Way To Be + Can’t Find My Way (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Over the years, both as a solo artist and in Ovens, Tony Molina has mastered the art of the micro song. From incendiary punk bursts to plaintive folk hymnals, Molina’s covered a surprising amount of ground with an exceeding amount of poise, and with curiously short run times. “Not The Way To Be” and “Can’t Find My Way”, two of the songwriter’s latest, find Molina occupying familiar territory: ’70s  jangle and ’80s distortion collide with a breezy effortlessness on the former while the latter leans hard into Molina’s punk roots while also showcasing the songwriter’s pop and classical sensibilities. Packaged together, the songs barely eclipse two minutes but, as ever, feel exhaustively complete. Where others may only find an appetizer, Molina continues making meals. Leave these on repeat.

Listen to “Not The Way To Be” and “Can’t Find My Way” below and pre-order a copy of Songs From San Mateo County here.