Vånna Inget – Främlingar (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

For several years, Vånna Inget have been making explosive basement pop that has a penchant for soothing, even as it detonates. “Främlingar”, the Swedish quartet’s latest, finds the group back in attack mode after the unveiling of a subdued double-single. A charging rhythm section propels the vocal melody skyward on a gorgeous verse section before breaking into a euphoric, hard-hitting chorus that immediately establishes itself as one of the biggest-sounding moment of the band’s impressive career. Vånna Inget are swinging for the fences on their forthcoming Utopi and “Främlingar” finds them connecting with a palpable sense of determined purpose.

Listen to “Främlingar” below and pre-order Utopi from Gaphals here.