Sonny Falls – Flies (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Over almost four minutes, Sonny Falls showcase their confidence, identity, and ability with a shape-shifting, tempo-switching rock n’ roll ripper that presents the project as one of today’s more tantalizing acts. Invoking the open-road sensibilities of forebears like Petty and Springsteen, “Flies” also sees Sonny Falls injecting that ceaselessly sprawling sweep with the hard-won wisdom that accompanies being a DIY-level band that makes a commitment to the road.

An intersection of so many celebrated rock n’ roll staples, “Flies” still manages to sound like a singular work. There’s a strain of strangeness coursing  through “Flies” at every turn, even in its most time-honored moments (no one’s likely to hear a more well-timed saxophone solo in a punk-leaning song this year), suffusing a fresh sensibility into a comforting and familiar pattern. A song worth every last second, “Flies” suggest Sonny Falls have more stories to tell. Songs like this one is what’ll keep people listening.

Listen to “Flies” below and pre-order Some Kind of Spectre from Sooper Records here.