Cayetana – Bus Ticket (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

A whole host of great songs were released the other week, providing some great moments soundtracked by the likes of The Broken Hearts, GunFight!, High Sunn, Cross Wires, Michigander, Anna Altman, Hush Machine, Doug Tuttle, Roya, Prins Obi, and Cock Sparrer. While each of those artists released a song worth hearing, it was Cayetana who ensured themselves a feature spot with the mesmerizing “Bus Ticket”.

Cayetana have proven, time and time again, that they’re fully capable of making energetic basement pop that incorporates some pop-punk trappings while remaining gritty enough to never truly fall squarely into that genre. It’s when they slow down that their range is revealed and of the tracks they’ve released with a slower tempo, “Bus Ticket” stands out. Easily one of the band’s most effective efforts to date, “Bus Ticket” is a powerful meditation on unsparing self-analysis shot through with enough self-deprecation to come across as brutally honest.

“Bus Ticket” is the sound of an artist coming to grips with personal limitations, a public self-flagellation that’s lent even more impact by wisely twisting the band’s status quo into something that cuts and bruises just as much as the narrative. It’s an astonishing and brave moment for a band that keeps growing, relentlessly, in the face of hardship and with “Bus Ticket” they’ve given that fight its own soundtrack.

Listen to “Bus Ticket” below and pre-order New Kind of Normal from the band here.