Another Two Weeks Worth of Streams

by Steven Spoerl

Just a short while ago, a handful of pieces ran on Heartbreaking Bravery recapping some of the year’s finest first quarter releases. In the time it took to assemble those lists, a fresh slate of songs, music videos, records, and live videos emerged. Tonight’s posts will be dedicated to highlighting the most noteworthy releases of that selection. Starting off with the individual songs category, which was characteristically rich in terms of output over the course of the past two weeks. To that end, here are some of the finest titles to have surfaced in that time. Click around, there’s a little something for everyone. Enjoy.

Cayetana, Dan Misha Goldman, Big Thief, Major Leagues, Caddywhompus, Daddy Issues, Montrose Man, Tica Douglas, Michele Nox, Anna Altman (x2), (SANDY) Alex G, Thunder Dreamer, Ulrika Spacek, Tashaki Miyaki, WALL, Nana Grizol, Woods, Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else, The Bingers, Art School Jocks, Peeling, Harmony Woods, Stonefield, HotKid, The Presolar Sands, Gnarwhal, Gouge Away, The Black Angels, Kids and Chemicals, Alyeska, New Swears, Du Vide, Chemtrails, Dead Heavens, Sprinters

HoopPIPSY, Sheer, Emperor X, Pony, Duncan Lloyd, H.Grimace, Cuesta Loeb, INVSN, Monograms, Joan Shelley, Flasher, Ultraviolence (x2), Joey Agresta, Blessed, Mise en Scene, High Sunn, A Victim of Sobriety, Catch Pritchard, The Luyas, Trophy Dad, Julian Fulton, Broken Social Scene, Chastity Belt, Dama Scout, Matthew Logan Vasquez, Soft Fangs, Hiva Oa, Morning Teleportation, The Megaphonic Thrift, Marika Hackman, Shugo Tokumaru, Elf Power, Wet Dreams, WATERS, PAWNS, The Bad Signs, Abram Shook

Sean Rowe, Drug Sweat, Mad Denizen, Greater Sirens, Husky, Slow Dancer, Arthur Gee-Whizz Band, Gardener’s Bell, Odd Couple, Pale Grey, Los Angeles Police Department, Junior Astronomers, Mayflower Madame, The Spookfish, The Velveteins, Turtlenecked, Saint Etienne, The Dirty Nil, Sam Amidon, SOFTSPOT, Chloe Foy, Lulu Lewis, Wooing, Exhibition, Amber Arcades, Sundaes, Romantic States, Tinmouth, Pinky Pinky, Sleep Party People, Maxim Ludwig, Keeper Keeper, Sloan Peterson, Spotting, Grumpus

Storm the Palace, Walter Martin, Nick Hakim, The Moonlight Love, Dig Deeper, Two Inch Astronaut,  Tony Peachka, Ora Cogan, The Peacers, San Mei, and Moon Duo.