Eluvium – Regenerative Being (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Some artists seem to constantly exist on the periphery, never quite breaking through in the way that their work would suggest as a legitimate possibility. Eluvium has been occupying the fringes of that space for some time now, despite being one of the most acclaimed names in ambient music. Throughout seven records and several other releases, the Eluvium project (masterminded by Matthew Cooper) has maintained an air of quiet sophistication that feels both elegiac and deeply personal.

After the recent Life Through Bombardment box set series brought everyone up to speed, Eluvium’s now giving eager fans a glimpse at the forthcoming False Readings On full-length with the transfixing “Regenerative Being”, a characteristically gorgeous composition that illustrates the common thread of False Readings On: cognitive dissonance. For the majority of Eluvium’s discography, Cooper has kept the tone tranquil, unleashing aggression in unexpected ways at unexpected moments. It’s that specific trait that defines “Regenerative Being” and will likely be emphasized throughout False Readings On.

Beginning with a tonal swell, “Regenerative Being” begins to gently unfurl, expanding steadily in both instrumental palette, atmospheric range, and artistic scope. Cooper’s piano (the instrument that anchored An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death, one of the finest works of the past 16 years) glides into “Regenerative Being”, pushing it forward with an intangible kind of support. Not too long after the piano’s introduction, a jarring moment arrives with what sounds like a vocal sample that pierces “Regenerative Being” with a brash urgency.

It’s a process of addition and subtraction from that point forward, the song enveloping the listener as it meticulously unfolds. Though “Regenerative Being” winds up approaching the seven and a half minute mark, its running time is never felt. Like all of the best pieces of Eluvium’s catalog, “Regenerative Being” proves to be a transcendent, transportive experience imbued with a beautiful vulnerability and commitment to raw emotion.

There are few acts more adept at constructing entire worlds via music than Eluvium and “Regenerative Being” should serve as hard evidence. Undeniably beautiful, fiercely intelligent, and masterfully executed, it’s a potent reminder of Eluvium’s immeasurable talent. Beyond all of those things, it’s a piece that’s worth getting lost in, over and over again. With an unfathomable amount of grace, “Regenerative Being” burrows into the listener’s brain and then breathes life, living up to its title in full.

Listen to “Regenerative Being” below and pre-order False Readings On from Temporary Residence here.