NE-HI – Buried on the Moon (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Ever since impressing at last year’s Music Frozen Dancing, NE-HI have been on a tear. The band’s set and their great “Turncoat” video indicated they were undergoing a shift from their earlier works and now confirmation’s arrived by way of “Buried on the Moon”. Before diving in to that song too much further, there were a string of recent full streams that also deserve attention.  Outer Spaces, Knola, The Sharp Shadows, Vukovar, Dumas Demons, and Dannika all offered up full streams that are worthy of as many listens as they wind up receiving.

Back to the matter at hand, “Buried on the Moon” all but flaunts the strides NE-HI has made as a band over the years following their self-titled debut from two years ago. Mere seconds into “Buried on the Moon”, NE-HI sound more focused and adrenalized than they have in their still-young career. The band’s been maintaining a fierce touring schedule over the past year and none of the weariness is showing, revealing the band’s surprisingly tenacious nature.

Punchy, nervy, and propulsive, “Buried on the Moon” recalls the very best of bands like Teenage Cool Kids and Thomas Function while retaining the band’s core identity. It’s an interesting evolution that pays massive dividends, especially considering how well the new approach complements a lot of the band’s more nuanced sensibilities. Tempos change and the menacing sneer occasionally breaks but the band sounds like they’ve latched onto something that’s wholly on their own and it’s propelling them forward at an alarming rate.

While the song comes close to scratching the four minute mark, the length’s never felt. “Buried on the Moon” is driven by so much unexpected purpose that it’s difficult to gauge time and, really, when something this good comes along, time’s less than a secondary element. If this is NE-HI’s warning shot then the next volley will be worth greeting with a considerable amount of anticipation.

Listen to “Buried on the Moon” below and keep an eye on this site for more updates on the band as the year progresses.