WASHA – Bury Our Love (Music Video Premiere)

by Steven Spoerl


In 2015, I had the distinct privilege of premiering a music video for Dwight Pendleton’s WASHA project. That clip, “Night/Day“, carried a deeply involving solemnity that suggested Pendleton approached his work with a reverence that emerging artists rarely afford their material. It was abundantly clear that both the song and the video were meticulously constructed labors of love, executed with a steely precision.

Now, Pendleton’s pushing the WASHA project forward with “Bury Our Love”, another song from The Bright, Part II that now has an accompanying video that manages to best its predecessor in a number of realms. Much more involved from a technical standpoint, “Bury Our Love” nonetheless manages to exert a magnetic calm. A stormy undercurrent steadily amplifies the tension of “Bury Our Love” and is ultimately subverted in a series of chaotic, climactic passages as the video expands to include The Bright, Part II‘s closing track, “I Have Nothing Left to Carry”.

As the song progresses, the video — which was directed by Pendleton — gradually unfurls outward from its opening static sequence. In establishing that fluidity and retaining the almost clinical point of view shot that serves as the thesis statement of “Bury Our Love”, Pendleton manages to conjure up a modicum of uneasiness. It’s an effective maneuver that comes to a head as the clip sharply descends into quasi-nightmarish energy, casting a pall on what had previously been an innocent — if somewhat heavy — succession of imagery.

The visual narrative winds up complementing the song to an eerie perfection, each slowly wrapping around the other’s throat, lost to a deathless match of symbiosis. As “Bury Our Love” winds to its open-ended conclusion, Pendleton releases his grip on a concrete reality and lets the clip fall into a maelstrom of undefined haze; one last reminder that our reality is defined solely by our perception. It’s a deeply impressive piece of art and more than enough reason to be excited about the project’s future.

Watch “Bury Our Love” below, visit this website to watch the clip on a loop, and keep both eyes peeled to this site for further updates in WASHA’s ongoing saga.