2015: A Year’s Worth of Memories (Cole Kinsler)

by Steven Spoerl


Several of this year’s contributors have mourned the loss of Krill, celebrating their legacy along the way. A handful have run and a handful remain unpublished. The band’s dissolution was an event that had an effect on a lot of this site’s readers and writers that was as powerful as the music they left behind. For the latest eulogy, returning contributor Cole Kinsler offers up some of his thoughts on the band’s role in his life. From developing his songwriting (Kinsler’s the creative force behind the excellent Space Mountain) to his musical community, the band’s significance — both on a broad level and on a personal level — remains undeniable. Read his piece below and remember to celebrate meaningful artists.


Saying Goodbye to Krill

I had a feeling that a lot of contributors in this series would be pining over the loss of Krill, but for good reason. Krill managed to become a really important thing to a lot of folks within a few years’ time. While reflecting on the year, I realized that their break-up was probably the most significant music-related event for me as well. They were the first band I got into when I moved to Boston in 2013, so they hold a special place in my heart. I’m gonna miss ’em.

Krill’s music hinged on oppositions that worked in really exciting ways for me. Lyrics are often challenging but also overtly approachable. Songwriting is crooked and catchy. Krill albums are immediately relatable, but also deeply rewarding upon further listens. Many fans, including myself, found catharsis through the stories told in Krill songs. I think the band also fostered a strong sense of community within the Boston scene, even if they didn’t realize that was happening. They had a down-to-earth attitude as a band that a lot of people found refreshing.

These sentiments culminated in their final shows. Although they were solemn gatherings, the prevailing feelings were certainly of celebration and pride. Krill’s presence in Boston made the town feel a little more special. I’ll definitely be listening to their albums and subconsciously ripping off their music for many years to come.

-Cole Kinsler