Dogs On Acid – Live at DBTS – 6/19/15 (Pictorial Review, Live Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Lttlefoot VII
David Blaine’s The Steakhouse was the first place I stepped foot in when entering New York and I’ll always be grateful to that place and the people that live there. It’s next to impossible to shake a sense of belonging in a place so ingrained in Brooklyn’s DIY culture. Humid as hell and crawling with people who are all there for the same reasons, it’s cultivated a unique identity that continues to attract some of the finest acts on the east coast.

Last night, the venue played host to White Pisces, Littlefoot, Palm, and site favorites Dogs On Acid. Each of the four respective bands brought something new to the fold, whether it was Littlefoot’s considerable- and impressively light- surf influence or Palm’s complete embrace of their most frenetic impulses. White Pisces opened with a set that pushed their sound even closer to shoegaze and Dogs On Acid (who earned themselves a spot on this site’s list of 2014’s best 7″ releases) brought everything home with a high energy set that went as heavy on noise as it did on melody.

All in all, it was an outstanding night of live music in a venue that continues to feel kind of like home.

View a gallery of photos from the show and a video collection of part of each band’s performance(s) beneath the pictures. Enjoy.