Denai Moore – Blame (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

denai moore

A few videos over the course of the past few months have grabbed me- those have all been extensively chronicled either through their own feature spots or their inclusions in the First Quarter Clips series. None of them managed to be as arresting as Denai Moore’s absolutely stunning clip for “Blame”. Centering around a narrative construct that turns the phrase inwards by allowing (and encouraging) the viewer to construct their own narrative, “Blame” is a bold experiment that pays off beautifully. Elevated by two fiercely committed performances, incisive editing, and intensely beautiful cinematography, “Blame” only gains momentum as it drives forward. One car, a snowy road, a f rantic, emotional chase are the storytelling devices that provide “Blame” with a deep sense of intrigue- something that’s only deepened by its uncertainty. “Blame”, as a standalone song, is forward-thinking music that takes cues from soul, ambient, and chamber pop, cultivating each into something that feels decidedly modern (and hopefully indicative of where the genre’s headed). Icy landscapes match the song’s exteriors; each a perfect complement to the other. It’s a major artistic statement- and an early triumph- for the emerging songwriter and positions her debut, Elsewhere, as one worthy of high levels of anticipation.

Watch “Blame” below and pre-order Elsewhere here.