Meat Wave – Sham King (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Just as the start of this week’s been kind for great music videos, it’s also granted looks and streams at (and of) several upcoming records. NPR’s First Listen series, as reliable as ever, is currently streaming Mr. Gnome’s subtly frenzied The Heart Of A Dark Star, Crying allowed Noisey to let everyone in on the magic that is Get Olde/Second Wind, Stereogum landed the streaming rights to Exit Verse’s brilliantly contained self-titled record, and PIZZA TIME released their latest hard-charging punk free-for-all- 2 KEWL 4 LIFE– as an actual free-for-all via their bandcamp. Every one of those four records is worth a look but the title that should warrant the most excitement is Meat Wave‘s just-announced Brother EP.

After Meat Wave, the band’s post-punk tour-de-force first effort, was released the band started taking apart audiences with their incendiary live shows. One of those shows was captured firsthand via this site when the band played the first Heartbreaking Bravery Presents, which was announced in conjunction with coverage of their frenetic “Brother” video. It hadn’t been announced at the time but the video was to tease the band’s upcoming Brother EP, which was supplied with additional details today. Most notable is the presence of new songs, their first since their instant-classic debut, and the streaming of “Sham King”, which is as fierce of a song as they’ve ever written.

Right from the onset, Meat Wave seem hell-bent on pummeling the listener into elated submission with a vicious riff punctuated by snare blasts and supported by being doubled by the bass. Guitarist and vocalist Chris Sutter sounds particularly inspired on “Sham King”, showcasing a higher register and his characteristically venomous delivery. A simple but piercingly effective solo in the song’s final act ensures that this band’s somehow continuously building momentum (a feat that seemed impossible in the wake of their blistering debut) and- finally- people are starting to take notice. With Meat Wave behind them and the new songs on Brother ahead it’s going to be incredibly easy to make the case for Meat Wave being one of the best bands in the Midwest. All high velocity and high impact, this is music that’s set to destroy anyone not smart enough to willfully surrender.

Listen to “Sham King” below and pre-order the Brother EP from Meat Wave’s bandcamp.