Left & Right – Low Expectations (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl


Left & Right‘s Five Year Plan will likely come to be regarded as one of 2014’s most under-appreciated releases. Available now as a limited-run cassette from Infinity Cat Recordings’ ongoing series, it’s a record entirely devoid of weak songs. Full of unrestrained punk blitzes that build momentum until momentum’s no longer an issue, it’s the kind of release most bands bands operating in the genre only dream of creating. One of the first looks at the record, the excellent “Low Expectations“, already earned kind words from this site months back. “Low Expectations” eventually only amounted to an all-too-brief teaser for just how incredible Five Year Plan wound up being. Easily one of the year’s catchiest songs, it’s now got an equally joyful video that hits just as many perfect notes.

Before going too much further into what makes “Low Expectations” so spectacular, it’s worth noting that this wasn’t the only great video to emerge from the past few days. There was also a gorgeous animated clip for Old Hundred’s “Casey” that certainly warrants some attention.  While “Casey” is great (any video that can evoke shades of Okkervil River’s classic “For Real” clip is worth several looks), it doesn’t jump out as quickly as Left & Right’s gleefully madcap video for “Low Expectations”. Cleverly conceptualized and brilliantly executed, “Low Expectations” tells the story of two friends attempting to find success via a sidewalk pizza stand only to meet indifference and derision from an unimpressed public who forces them into reinvention. What happens next is too good to spoil and absurdly well-shot for what’s ostensibly a DIY clip. Committed performances only sweeten the deal and  a real sense of joy manages to infuse the whole affair, elevating the video to near-miraculous levels. All in all, “Low Expectations” winds up being a surprisingly representative clip in regards to Left & Right’s spirit and ethos; it’s a party that no one deserves to miss.

Watch “Low Expectations” below and pick up their Five Year Plan cassette from Infinity Cat here.